Saints, Sinners , Sons and Daughters


I wanted to create a shrine for people whom I found to be great influencers in and examples of the character I would like to reflect in my life.  The people I ultimately chose were diverse in many aspects, but very similar in important ways.

When looking at the piece, you will find political leaders, church leaders, movement leaders, family and friends who are leaders in their own contributions, political dissidents, and visionary artists.  When I researched and created the work, I soon began to see people. Many races, ethnicities, faiths, relationships, responsibility levels, flaws, strengths, contributions, failures, temperaments were represented.  What tied these individuals together for me is that all lived/live by the principles of loving their neighbor as they love themselves and loving their enemies. All showed/show the ability to fully use and embrace the four types of love, (storge, philia, eros and agape), even those who I know had no clue that there even was a philosophy on types of love, much less what they were.

While creating this shrine to my vision of saints, I pointedly chose to note those who had been publicly persecuted/prosecuted.  I wanted to highlight that there is often a deep personal cost involved in living a life in love.  Also, knowing that these people are all sinners of a sort (Jesus was a revolutionary in his time, branded a traitor, and executed for his crimes), gives the realization that anyone, no matter how flawed, can open themselves to the idea of living for others and become a saint in this life, even me.

This shrine was exhibited at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport Gallery.


Reasons (f)or Faith

The name of the work is “Reasons (f)or Faith”. The piece is a reflection on the sources of my Christian faith, the outward reflection of that faith, the truth of that faith versus the truth of thought and reason (as well as whether my faith is at odds or congruous with my thoughts, reasonings and experiences) and also has an element of the chicken and egg conundrum, which came first and who feeds who. I also look at how modern psychiatry and mental illness has influenced my viewpoints, for better or worse.

As far as materials used, I made all of the polymer clay tiles. I hand painted the stress ball brain. All other materials, denim, lace, doily, ric rac, beads, Milagros, metal feet, wood horse, knives, pills, fabric rose, paper fan, Cpap hose and mouthpiece, medium gel and super glue were gathered, but obviously not fabricated, by me. I’m still working on learning how to make the adorable crochet flowers.  My husband took the photo.  I had selfies that I considered strongly, but this photo best shared the feelings that I am trying to convey.  Thank you B, my love.

This box is set to show at Johns Hopkins Hospital Turner Auditorium in their 2016 NAP Show.