Week 24 Stage 4

It is kind of an inevitability that, on average, each year I lose a few weeks to health challenges. The past six weeks will hopefully be this year’s sole donation to my inner health demons.

I have done some cane and some color work this past week.

In the first set of three pictures, I used a pink marble cane with white to create one round cane, and blue triangle canes to create the second round cane. Sculpt was used for both canes, but I will be making another round cane in Fimo this time, in an effort to sharpen my lines. I have discovered, as in any art, the higher the quality of your materials, the higher the quality of your product. Fimo offers a more consistent polymer strength than Sculpey. Time to graduate my materials.

Also with these canes, all of my trig lessons suddenly made sense.  Watching triangle canes act as the basis and unit of measure for my triangles, squares,circles, hexagons, rectangles, etc suddenly made the lessons all make sense  Why didn’t they do this in class?

The fourth pic shows the construction process of a lace cane that I created using primarily a large ocean blue center bullseye with orange, copper and black rings.  The first cane in the picture shows this bullseye cane. The lace effect is created by combining multiple canes. What surprised me when creating the cane is that the predominant blue clay was hardly visible after being reduced and combined so many times.  I will explore this phenomena further with other colors.

Lastly, I was playing at creating checkerboard cane. My cuts and combinations are off. This cane also needs additional practice.

This week I plan to continue using basic cane skills to explore colors. My next palette is green, I believe. I need to confirm this.

Peace and health to all.

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