Week 18 Stage 4

Heading into the blue palette!  I love working in blues.  I feel canes and boxes and tiles, oh my, all about to burst forth.

This past week was focused on some project completion. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but I think I say that every week. Goals vs reality. My challenge is that I really wish that I could realize my goals once in awhile, but that’s another story for another day.

I created some scrap clay creatures, just for fun.  I ended up focusing my real work on three boxes, which I’ve moved along quite a bit.  They do still need some detailing, sealing, and lining. Another couple hours, tops.  I lost a couple hours searching for some detail gems in the drawer that should never be opened. Totally worth it!  I found the gems, a tooth and handprint from my now grown baby, and the drawer is now safely renamed as the drawer with all the cool stuff.  Plus, I added another gallon bag of crap to go to the local art supply recycling store.  Love that store.  My studio only has stuff I’ll actually use thanks to Starlandia Creative Supply.

Being late with this blog post, I’ve already started doing some blue work, along with this week’s  surface treatment, image transfer.  I created a blue and cream box for my Mom.  Mother’s Day and all. The box is very simple and dainty, with a picture of her children featured on the front.  I think she’ll like it.   I hope so anyway.

This week I’m going to keep plugging along at finishing some earlier work  In keeping up with my color studies, I’ll also mix my colors for this stage.  I think I have enough blue, but I need to check stock.  If not, I’ll have to visit Starlandia.  I hate when that happens…..not, lol.

Peace be with you this week.


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