Week 17 Stage 3

I’ve been on an odd roll this week.  Lots of forward movement, but mostly in pink, not green.  That said, working with the pink provided a huge breakthrough in my understanding of greens, and secondary colors in general.

Meg Newberg’s Polymer Clay Workshop this month included water lily and pad canes.  Always tempted by the most difficult canes available, I opted to try the water lily cane to embellish a green marbled tin cover on a tin box I had started.  With this, out came every shade of pink I own.  I followed the steps for making the cane, but in my impatience, feeling ill, I did not condition my clays equally.  My Sculpey pinks were too soft in the humidity, and my Sculpey 3 translucent clay was possibly slightly cooked and definitely under conditioned, thereby creating a cane that was very difficult to work.  While I created nothing that resembled a water lily, I do like what ended up added to my box.  With some acrylic paint and additional detail, I think the box will come together as a solid addition to my green works this Stage.

Speaking of green.  I wanted to make a green cane for tile to complement brown/orange tile created in Stage 1.  I was playing around with my color green mixing, and the realization came to me that when dealing with secondary colors, you need to alter tones by using color in opposition to your dominate color.  I used orange/yellow to brighten green.  I used purple/blue to soften green.  I used brown to darken green.  Finally, with these mixtures, I was able to differ the tones of green in play, as opposed to pulling the green tone together, as was happening when I mixed varying tones of green, only to achieve virtually the same color of green.  Textbook discovery, I know, but still a milestone for me.

Also this week, played with scrap.  Scrap canes, scrap box covers, scrap color mixing, you name it.  I’m excited at the directions my open play are taking me.  I will be continuing my play, just because I can.  I do need to do finishing work on Stage 3 items so that I don’t have a bunch of unfinished stuff sitting around.  Must. Do. Finish. Work.  Yeah that.

Pics of cane cuts and boxes below.  Created one Blue box with pretty pink confetti bottom, but blue lid was destroyed in an experiment with liquid Sculpey that came in contact with an errant air bubble.  Some stuff works, some stuff doesn’t.



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