Week 16 Stage 3

Now that studio cleaning is done, I am finally getting back to my clay work.  Green is still the predominant color this week, and I had a lot of small pieces of varying shades of green, so I decided to just play with it.  I’m really pleased with what is coming from that play.  My work is beginning to gain a bit of depth, which has me wanting to explore more in surface techniques.

This week’s work has produced two ornaments, a label charm that will redesignate my toaster oven to a kiln.  The label is mainly so guests will not cook food in the oven.  A spoon crept out of a lovely leaf cane I created from all the small bits of leftover green.  A jar has been started with last week’s black ornament.  Finally, a box is popping out of inspiration from Meg Newberg’s monthly, Polymer Cane Workshop.  Her monthly cane tutorials are a $5 per month subscription on Etsy, and usually include 3+ cane tutorials each.  I highly recommend them if you are attracted to cane work.

I will be working on Meg’s canes and doing some finishing work this week.  What will you be working on?


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