Week 14 Stage 3

I’m so excited!  I created something that is absolutely adorable.  But first, a run down on last week’s progress.

  1.  Created my first butterfly cane using my green shades with a translucent background.  I learned quite a bit about reducing a hand sized cane, and also a bit about making butterfly’s.  My first attempt missed the mark, sadly, but I’ll try again soon.  I was shocked that the background took 8 oz of translucent clay.  Will have to restock.
  2. I was cleaning my studio desk, and I came upon my scrap collection.  I don’t keep much scrap because most clay I reblend and use.  This collection was too muddy to be useful, or so I thought.  In a playful mood, I took a shot at reblending the mud towards rusty brown, brownish-yellow, and a clay colored red.  I took the new mud colored blends and created a simple flower cane with a transparent background.  The cane will have a limited use value, but still, it has enough clarity that I can see some use for it.  I love play learning.
  3. An adorable green leaf jar was created from an empty glass glaze jar.  I think I will add sand and offer it as an incense jar.
  4. I finished my crosses.  The flowers on the earrings overtook the cross, which can no longer be seen.  The ornament/pendant is ok, but I wish that I had done some shading and more texturing.  Layer your details.  Someday I will remember that rule.
  5. Green border cane was created for my jar.  Loved the result but note to self: need to figure out new border cane designs.

This week, I will work with green again.  Probably green tile cane to match the brown and orange tile cane in Stage 1.  We’ll see how it goes.

Peace be with you.





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