Week 13 Stage 3

Green.  Multiple shades of green.  I’ve mixed some shades, and no matter what I do, everything turns similar shades of green.  I’m now, therefore, intrigued.  How will I create in shades of green, as an artist who loves to use every color in existence on every creation?  At least where I live, the year passes with the flora maintaining varying shades of green with purple and brown highlights.  So I am familiar with seeing life in green shades.  That said, this Stage will present me with an interesting challenge.

My first task was to find every shade of green that I have stock on, five, and along with some yellow blue, mix my variant greens.  I’m sorry that I forgot to take a pic of the results, but understand please, that the differences in mixed shades was slight, from one to another.  For this Stage, I will actually be better off not color mixing, which just seems like theft to me.  ( I know that it isn’t ).  I always start a session with color mixing, so that what I create is all my vision.

Right now, I’ve started a couple of canes with the greens that I did mix.  One is a butterfly cane and the second is a spiral cane for use in a leaf cane.  Before, I was commenting on cool house/hard to work clay.  Well, as promised, today is already warm house/loosy goosy clay.  Not looking forward to hot house conditions at all.  So, canes are resting, as we speak.  Also, took ends from butterfly cane to start a pair of earrings, if finger pressure doesn’t crush the soft clay, smh.

This week, I’m planning to spend time making a vessel or two.  I also hope to start on a mosaic.  Something simple to start.  Lastly, there is one other simple cane that I want to attempt.  We’ll see if this is too much to do.  If so, there is next week.

Peace to you all.

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