Week 11 Stage 2

As I suspected, I was able to fully return to my studio table last week, with exciting results.  While not perfect due to my impatient excitement, I created a moderately decent kaleidoscope cane from my palette.  I now have a selection of several simple and two complex canes from which to create some as yet undetermined project next week, my last in Stage 2.

It has been wonderfully simple to do cane work this week, as the weather has been unseasonably chilly.  My house is unheated, so the clay is very forgiving at the moment.  Next week when the temperature warms for spring, my clay will become far more malleable and will show every error quickly.  But, my fingers and hands won’t hurt so from clay conditioning, so there is definitely good and bad on both sides of the temperature divide.

One thing that I did do this week, that tends to be rare for me, is that I played with the clay, both color and pattern play, just to see where the play would lead.  As always, much was learned.  I developed a better feel for cane reduction by learning to listen to what the clay is telling me as far as texture, pockets, lumps, elasticity, etc.  Proportion is important, both in sizes and in color ratios.  Colors react differently when used in differing proportions.  I found this easy to see when playing with the design and construction of my kaleidoscope cane.  Scrap can become anything.  It’s never trash.

There were some other pieces ( my crosses, some pendants) that I continued to work with while my canes rested.  My work continued to focus on the relationships in color, as you will see in some of the pictures below.

Next week’s goal is to create a piece or two using my canes. That should be simple, but I’ll be focusing on trying to determine how color affects eye pleasing cane patterning. Oh fun!  Not.

Peace to you until next time.


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