Week 10 Stage 2

Another slow week at the clay table.  My child has been living on my couch since New Years Day, but is clearing out on St Patrick’s Day.  After that, I will have my space and time to freely work again.  I love my baby, but I can not wait to have my studio and studio time returned!

I did succeed in kicking out a few simple canes.  I did twin daisy canes and one spiral cane.  I’m finding it easier to work with the brighter colors and more challenging to work in the darker colors of brown and green.  This week, I’ll use brown and green to create a gunned border cane.  My goal is to create a kaleidoscope cane out of the current yellow palette.

It should be noted that upon reduction on one of the daisy canes, I think I ran into a trapped air bubble.  The cane was stretching fine it seemed, until all of a sudden the cane developed a width wise crack that nearly severed the cane in half.  Instead of simply allowing it too break, I worked carefully to repair the crack.  I have not yet cut the cane to the center, but I am very curious to see how the clay reacted.

I have also started three crosses, one pendant and two earrings.  I already regret not marbling the brown some to deepen the wood’s appearance.  I also did not texture the brown before jumping in with the floral detail clay.  I might try to go in and add some texture after the fact, but I know that it will look nowhere as nice as it could have.  I was able to use leftover cane scrap from my sunflower cane to create ‘lily’ like flowers.   This weeks challenge on the crosses is going to be following their lead on additional detail.  I was originally going to embroider clay the details, but having used the cane petals to create a focal flower, now I need to find a slightly different path on these pieces.

So, this week, more canes, more cross work, same yellow palette.

Peace to all of you and a safe St. Patrick’s celebration.  My entire town closes for the celebration day.  Hope your’s does as well.


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