Week 9 Stage 2

Last week was another slow week for clay as life was a bit more busy.  I was able to finish my sunflower cane.  The details held beautifully through reduction.  I’m so pleased.  The only thing that I am disappointed in is that I chose to use a small highlight color in my flower as also a background color.  I should have stuck with a white or translucent background sadly, because the mint green background will likely match with few other canes, and even looks slightly off against the sunflower in this cane, even though it is a small element color within the sunflower.  Lesson, sometimes lack of color is the right answer.  Still, this cane is technically, by far, my best to date.  I think I finally have the right rhythm for wait times in cane making, which seems to be half the battle.

My daughter made a last minute request for a Miyazaki knockoff set of earrings, so I threw together a surprisingly easy set of Nono wire earrings that were a big hit at the event she attended.  (Many Mom points earned that day, lol).  I also finished my gnome/leprechaun earrings that I am really pleased with.  I’m enjoying creating little old men with lots of character, as inspired by Katie Oskins, of KatersAcres, Schrume figures.  Just plain fun stuff.

This week I’m hoping to have enough clay left from last week’s mix to create one or two more canes.  Also wanting to make some Easter crosses.

See you back here soon.


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