Week 8 Stage 2

I’m so excited!  It’s been a great week in my studio.  First, my shipment of wool felt came in, so I finally got several of my boxes fully finished, and I’m thrilled at how they’ve matured from their humble tin and clay beginnings.  Second, I only started one complex cane this week, but it is by far my best to date.  I still need to add the background border, but I can’t do that until the cane has had today to rest.  As you can see, I’m falling slightly behind on my posting weeks, but my work has been somewhat consistent in that I’m making time regularly to work at my studio desk.  And the results are beginning to shine in finished projects and techniques explored.

This week I did mix my colors in the Stage 2 yellow palette. This color spread seems to be far more relaxing to me than the forced feeling I experienced working in the orange palette.  I even made a pair of earrings for the upcoming St Patrick’s celebration in my city.  The earrings are fully from this week’s color mix.  They’ll go well with my long hair.

Anyway, pics are below, as usual.  The goal for this coming week is another cane, perhaps a landscape,  and I want to step back from the clay for a minute, long enough to prep for two upcoming projects, a Christian cross and a mural.  An eventual goal of mine is to create a mural of St. Peter’s Basilica in Moscow, but I need to start much smaller in order to learn the many techniques involved in mural work.  So, maybe some geometric patterns done using my yellow spread on another tin?  Or maybe I’ll visit with a glass vessel.  We’ll just have to see together where the mood carries me.



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