Week 7 Stage 2

Last week felt like I was treading water, but important discoveries were made, mainly, I need to be more exacting in my clay measurements.

First, I tried testing a faux ceramic finish on some clay pendants.  Not so successful.  I’ll be looking more at other people’s tutorials and work, playing at letting the technique work for me.

I also revisited the triangle cane work that I did in orange, brown and sand.  This time, I worked in varying shades of purple pastels.  The circular cane that I reattempted certainly came out better this go round, but it still is no work of art.  I very purposefully waited 24 hours in between every step of cane creation, allowing the clay to fully rest and strengthen so that I would get the crisp lines that I desired.  I did not, however, exactingly measure the clay to be used in each color, nor did I measure the exact dimensions of each and every triangle cane created.  This oversight caused uneven sizes of colored triangles that were off in alignment, which negatively affected the pattern being created.  Still, this attempt was markedly better than my first try.  I will be doing this exercise again with my next scrap color trio.

Finally, I created two gnome ornaments.  I again made a mistake in clay measurement with these guys.  I was trying to shrink my normally 4″ gnome down to 3″, by eyeballing needed quantities of clay.  My large hands make working in smaller scale difficult at best.  To correct errors, I started reshaping already formed clay, leaving fingerprints and ripples in the character.  The problems overall are minor and the ornaments will be used, but still something I need to be cognizant of as I attempt varying scale sizes.

In all, not much accomplished, but much learned again.  This will be a short week, as I have three appointments, but I plan to get a palette mixed and ready, make a template to finish the interiors on many of my tins, and hopefully make some small flower canes.


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