Week 6 Stage 1

So, it has been quite the unplanned but moderately fruitful week here.  Remember the pretty box from last week?  Alas, no more.  First, as you can see, I continued to work when I should have left good and well alone.  My internal editor and I are still getting to know each other.  Then sadly (fortunately according to said editor), I burned the piece, being stupid and in a hurry.  I simply stuck it in the oven without wrap or the tile that I normally use to moderate heat.  Next, I decided to see if I could reclaim the tin, and if I could was it worth the time.  The answer to both questions being yes in my mind.

After the tin was cleaned, I was moved to clean my work area to prep for new projects. Some of that cleaning included finishing pieces that were baked, but still needed glazing, findings, embellishments, wrapping, etc.  You will see in the picture that my assistant chose to be beak on in her work one afternoon as sometimes happens.  She got hold of several earrings and nipped pieces off before I was able to redirect her efforts.  Still, I eeked out one pair of post and one pair of wire sweethearts earrings for my daughter and I to wear, so be it.  The good news is the bird, Dinosaur, nipped off the edging to one box that I felt needed a little something.  Come to find, it needed to lose the edging!  The box was much improved without the border.  I have to learn better design/editing.  Another aspect of study in this year long quest, I see.

The plan this week is for some ornament characters and a cane or two.  Let’s see how it happens.  Peace to all.

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