Week 5 Stage 1

Uncle.  I give in.  The color palette’s that I borrowed are feeling like walls to creativity instead of steps.  My uncle is a vegetarian.  One day we were out on a family explore and my uncle bought himself a hot dog from a cart vendor and proceeded to down that dog.  My mother called out, “Leo, what are you doing?”.  My uncle proceeded to explain that he made his dietary rules, so he can break his dietary rules.  I concur.  To make this a successful 52 week quest, I am going to use palettes that speak to me in the moment.  This week my gut rebelled into pastels, and I’m loving it.

So far, an ornament, some earrings and a box have been started.  I hope to start another ornament tomorrow.  I need to spend some time doing some finish work as well.  Till next week, peace.



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