Week 4 Stage 1

I decided to simplify this week, both in colors and pattern elements to see if I could garner better results. Cane Builder Monthly Tutorial for February ’17 provided just the exercise needed.  Patterns built simply on tri-colored triangles.

I realized last week that my discomfort with the current orange/brown based palette encouraged me to accidentally move forward a palette.  So this week, I drug myself back into the world of orange and brown, and felt less tortured by it given the simplicity of the triangluar cane patterns.

The results could have been far worse.  Much tile was produced, as I felt these canes are ripe for mosaic work.  A box also came out.  My tin skills are improving with each box made, but still have a long way to go.  This tin was fun, even though I was a bit disappointed in the pattern and cane cut imperfections.  Still, there was improvement, for certain.  My box features a small bit of hidden whimsy in that the feet for the box are two feet and in front, two hands.

As usual, scrap clay went toward covering pens for my school teacher daughter.  For some strange reason, her kids don’t permanently borrow the clay pens 😉.  I love the practice in skills that the pen making provides.  Works for everyone.

Saturday at my local reuse art supply store, I was able to find a rock tumbler!  It’s a small one that is perfect for certain polymer clay items, i.e. beads and cabochons.  Should save my poor fingers a lot of pain and money in the form of varnishes and expensive wet/dry grit sandpaper.  Plus my finish quality should improve dramatically.  Now, to save up for grit.

This coming week, I intend to stay in Stage 1 palette, but I’m going to break from caning for a minute to create some ornaments.  I need to remember that idea is to keep building skills and creativity, not to become pigeon holed by my own #2017claychallenge.



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