Week 3 Stage 1

This week, I was late in getting to my studio desk, and the rushed work is proof.  That said, more valuable lessons came out of this weeks session.

I love the pendants and earrings that emerged from Week 2 scrap cane.  Very simple, yet very dramatic, I think the nod to the sun nearing the horizon is a great pull from this palette.  Now, what to do about that awful liquid clay on the second pendant……


Next, I decided to attempt a mandala cane using three shades of orange, three shades of green and gold for interest.  Can you say too much?  I think if I had stuck to a single hue, and if I had created the canes over days instead of at a single muggy sitting, the mandala cane would have worked.  I will be redoing the cane this week with exactly those corrections in mind.  As you can see, some of the elemental canes were nice, but the finished cane with every color green that I had in my scrap is a hot mess.

The scrap, when broken into hues, did produce decent color blends on the pens that I made, thereby confirming that I need to be more careful, at least for now, in picking a simple palette, with a light to moderate saturation, in single shared hue.  I’ll bring highlights and lowlights in later once I have a better handle on simplicity and color relationships.

Off to make another mandala!



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