Ocean of Colors

This fabric painting is one of my favorites.  It has a simplicity that I desire, yet rarely achieve, while still having the embellishments that are just a natural part of my voice.  It was created for a Savannah Art Association show at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport gallery.

The concept for this piece is simple. The ocean button colors are too subtle to be captured by me in this photo, but their colors vary in hues of blue and cream, representing the variety of flesh tones in human skin.  We are all humanity, no matter our race, culture or origin as individuals.  We can have safety in numbers while enjoying the privilege of life concurrently, or we can drown  in our own prejudices and weaknesses.  There is a choice to be made in how we live our lives, and it is this,  do we choose to see the beauty in each other and in creation, or do we choose to only see the dangers and weaknesses in each other and in creation.  Obviously we all do a variety of both at some level, but there is always a choice in the direction in which we choose to skew our beliefs.  I choose to see us as a unified, beautiful, resource rich ocean of possibility.image

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